Watercolors that Celebrate the Beauty of Mother Nature


Watercolors by Indra Ozols

Gardenia watercolor

“Look deep into nature & you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein

Garden Inspired Art

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Botanical Paintings

Watercolors that celebrate the beauty of plants.

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It's a stationery bouquet!

An arrangement of floral watercolors painted on notecards. Each card is an original watercolor painting!

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My garden is my muse

I find gardening to be incredibly rewarding. The personality of each plant intrigues me and I love getting to know them all! The seeds that I sow grow into the inspiration for my watercolors and there is nothing better than going into the garden and painting whatever decided to bloom that day!

(above) Watercolor from 2019 of my ever evolving garden.

Photo of my dog Gumbo always nearby helping.


My daughter sent me one of your cards for Mother's Day. It is so beautiful, Im framing it!


I commissioned a painting of the birth flowers of all of my mom's kids and grandkids. Indra painted a beautiful bouquet that my mother loves. She has it framed and hanging in the living room. 

Kathryn D

I absolutely love my Iris pendant. It is a lovely little piece of art that looks great on long or short chains. I have received several compliments on it.


Indra's watercolor paintings are absolutely stunning. Most celebrate indigenous flora of Louisiana in a very accessible way. Each original work of art glows with the color and vibrance of nature. 


I ordered a custom sized, large floral watercolor for my living room. This is a great way to have a personalized and meaningful piece of art and it is very affordable. I love Indra's watercolors and am pleased to have her work hanging in my home. 

Bernard Jackson

Incredible-every piece is a work of art!

Aija Gibson

I can't tell you how excited I was to see the UPS box on my desk! I am a huge fan of Indra Botanica, both as an amazing artist and an overall WONDERFUL person! When I saw the Queen Anne's lace watercolor available, I couldn't resist!


These pendants are beautiful and make great gifts! Gorgeous small watercolor and precious pressed flower framed in gold or silver. I wear mine all the time- looks great dressy or casual. Super versatile and great quality!