Watercolors by Indra Ozols

Garden Inspired Art

It's a stationery bouquet!

An arrangement of floral watercolors painted on notecards. Each card is an original watercolor painting!

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Tiny treasures of wearable art! Each pendant contains a miniature watercolor painting on one side and dried flowers on the other.

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Botanical Paintings

Watercolors that celebrate the beauty of plants.

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My garden is my muse

I find gardening to be incredibly rewarding. The personality of each plant intrigues me and I love getting to know them all! The seeds that I sow grow into the inspiration for my watercolors and there is nothing better than going into the garden and painting whatever decided to bloom that day!

(above) Watercolor from 2019 of my ever evolving garden.

(left) My dog Gumbo always nearby helping.