Bridal Bouquet Paintings

It’s a Bouquet Garden!

Imagine a garden that grows only the special flowers and plants from your wedding bouquet!  

So much thought and effort goes into choosing flowers for your big day. Preserving them as a lasting watercolor painting is a great way to keep the beauty of that special day alive, even after the flowers have faded away.

Bride Rosa-Lee Marino Frank 

I will carefully research each flower from your bouquet and sketch out what they look like as they grow in their original plant form. I then situate all of your bouquet plants and blooms into one garden painting. 

A bouquet garden can be a fantastic wedding gift from the bridal party or from anyone looking to give a meaningful, unique and lasting gift. 

Here are a few examples of the bouquets I have transformed into gardens. You can choose a simple botanical illustration style or a full landscape style garden.  

For more information about commissioning a bouquet garden, fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch shortly so we can get planning! I look forward to collaborating with you to create the perfect painting just for you!


You can also text me at (504) 314-9271 💐