About Me

Hi There! 👋

My name is Indra and I am a watercolor artist who finds inspiration in the beauty and soul of Mother Nature.

My paintings are for people who believe that an original work of art is something to celebrate, appreciate, and also, a great conversation starter between friends. 

I am a native New Orleans artist who mainly works with watercolor, always drawing upon the natural world for inspiration. My main goal is to create from the heart and to glorify the beauty that is Mother Nature. 🌿

My Garden is my Muse

I find gardening to be incredibly rewarding. The personality of each plant intrigues me and I love getting to know them all! The seeds that I sow grow into the inspiration for my watercolors and there is nothing better than going into the garden and painting whatever decided to bloom that day!

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of New Orleans, and have worked in the local art scene for more than 25 years. My broad experience includes children’s arts education, gallery and arts administration, creative workshops, and arts preservation.

I work from home, having converted the front room of my shotgun house into my studio. This is perfect for me, as I can look outside for inspiration into my garden, or take a break for a walk to the park. AND I get to have my 2 big, loving, English Mastiffs as studio assistants. 🥰


My studio-


My ever evolving garden 🌿


My two studio assistants, Gumbo and Dozy-

Self Portrait:  Me & my best friend, Gumbo, 2019